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Installation & usage


You need to install chonky and its default icon component, chonky-icon-fontawesome:

npm install chonky@latest chonky-icon-fontawesome@latest

The icon component is packaged separately to decrease the bundle size. You can always replace it with a custom icon component later.

Note that @latest tag is not strictly required, but it's useful to include. It makes sure you get the most recent bug fixes when you re-install Chonky in an existing project.

Basic usage

As the first step, you should tell Chonky which icon component it should use. This is done using the setChonkyDefaults helper method:

import { setChonkyDefaults } from 'chonky';
import { ChonkyIconFA } from 'chonky-icon-fontawesome';
// Somewhere in your `index.ts`:
setChonkyDefaults({ iconComponent: ChonkyIconFA });

Then you can use Chonky anywhere in your application:

import { FullFileBrowser } from 'chonky';
export const MyFileBrowser = () => {
const files = [
{ id: 'lht', name: 'Projects', isDir: true },
id: 'mcd',
name: 'chonky-sphere-v2.png',
thumbnailUrl: '',
const folderChain = [{ id: 'xcv', name: 'Demo', isDir: true }];
return (
<div style={{ height: 300 }}>
<FullFileBrowser files={files} folderChain={folderChain} />

Example below shows a minimal setup of Chonky. Note that the file browser will fill the height of its parent container, which in this case is 300px.

0 items

Usage with Typescript

Chonky was built using Typescript. For your static typing needs, many of the internal types and generic interfaces are exported.

If you're also using Typescript, you can add Chonky types to your project using standard ES6 imports:

// FileArray is a TS type
import { FileArray } from 'chonky';
const myFiles: FileArray = [{ id: 'abD3', name: 'README.txt' }, null];

You can see the list of exported types in Chonky's entrypoint index.ts on GitHub (files named *.types contain the types). If you need access to types that are not exported, either create an issue or import them using the full file path:

import { MouseFileClickPayload } from 'chonky/lib/types/action-payloads.types';
const myPayload: MouseFileClickPayload = {
/* ... */

While this is not required, I strongly recommend you use the tsdef library in your Typescript code. It provides many useful generic types and interfaces to make your TS code cleaner:

// Install
npm install -D tsdef
// Use
import {AnyFunction, Nullable} from 'tsdef';
const myFunctionOrNull = Nullable<AnyFunction>;
If you have a question, want to request a feature or report a bug, please create an issue on GitHub. You can also report inaccurate or unclear documentation on Chonky's Discord server.